Monday, 03 May 2021 11:09

Pool Maintenance and Fill

Update on pool maintenance and fill

Work on the pool continues making it ready for the summer season.

'Chief Pool Angel' David Wright has been busy making repairs, cleaning the pool and kiddies pool ready for re-filling. Our 150+ year old pool requires a lot of TLC. David and the rest of the team of dedicated volunteers give their time and energy throughout the year to keep our wonderful facility going. Please show your appreciation for these wonderful local Cirencester people.

After a good clean and some minor repairs to the tiles and surrounding areas. David has started the process of filling our 27metre pool.

A big thank you to David and the other volunteers who have put in so much effort in getting us ready for the new season.

Pool Fill Details:

  • It takes approximately 3 days to fill our pool from our own well (375 cubic metres or 82, 500 gallons)
  • The water is heated by a heat exchanger, which is like a reverse radiator.
  • The pool water passes through a tube which is filled with small pipes filled with hot water from the heating boiler and draws the heat from it.
  • It normally takes 3 days to get up to 27 degrees, then the water temperature is kept constant


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