This year (2020) is the 150th Anniversary of Cirencester Open Air Swimming Pool

To mark this very special occasion we are hoping to collect and collate people's memories and stories of the pool and we need your help!

We would like to hear about your own memories of the pool. These memories might be recent, or from the past such as your childhood. They might be from you, your parents,  grandparents or freinds

Our 150th Season committee of volunteers will collate all thesubmissions for publishing later this year

Thank you for your help.

Important Notes:

  • Ownership: If you provide information or images that are not your own, please obtain permission of the owner and provide their name(s) so we can credit them as the author/owner.
  • Publishing: By submitting your text and images, you give Cirencester Open Air Pool the right to publish your text and images on our web site, social media and other forms of communication.

Use this form to submit your memories and stories of Cirencester Open Air Swimming Pool.

Fields with (*) are required, others are optional.

When submitting, please note the following:

  1. Contact Details - We need you name and email address. Your telephone while not required is useful if we need to contact you with any queries.
  2. Title - a short for your memory/story.
  3. Date - Select an approximate date of your memory/story, it does not have to exactly accurate
    1. Move you mouse over the YEAR and then you can scroll up or down to select month
    2. Move you mouse over the MONTH and then you can scroll up or down to select year
    3. Select a Day of the month
  4. Memory - there two ways to enter your memory/story:
    1. Type your memory into a text box,  select the text  radio check
    2. Upload a text file such as a MS Word or other text based document, select file radio check
  5. Photos Optionally, If you have them, upload up to 10 photos related to your memory, select  Yes  radio check and then upload your photos
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